Events for Mwana

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Tres Guppy Restaurant in Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania USA collects $0.50 from each meal purchased that will benefit Mwana Villages. Already, they have raised over $1000 that will directly benefit the babies, children and women that Mwana serves. 

Consider asking your neighborhood restaurants to join in this win/win fundraiser that will draw people to their business for a good cause while impacting our ability to help those in need! 



Here are some events that have already been organized to raise funds and awareness for Mwana Villages. You can organize an event, too! We are here to help! Let us know if you have an idea and we can work together to make it a reality. You will see the direct, tangible results of your efforts when you give to Mwana Villages, because we are small and our overhead is low, so all the money from your fund raiser will go to what you promise your donors and supporters. Kids in schools will be able to proudly show what they did to help children far away!

Waterloo Elementary School walked in June 2013 and because of what they did they put 37 children in school! They raised over $900!

This simple, fun BBQ raised over $1200! We got free food from donors and sponsors and sold the food and drinks. A simple way to make a difference!

We organized a concert with food, dance and song with local, talented artists who volunteered their time and talent and raised over $4500!

This Groove class was a fun, innovative way to raise over $200!

Benefit dinner May 2013 raised over $14,000! What a great night!

Ron and Maryz Thiessen, the organizers
With Denis St-Amour
Cora, owner of Chez Cora, talking about the
principal of generosity

Heather Wright, one of our volunteers

We did our first walkathon in Dollard-des-Ormeaux and raised $6500!

Half marathon run by Heather and Laurie in which they raised $800!